A High Speed Implementation of Adaptive Shaping for Dynamic Bandwidth Allocation

Cameron Braun, Vinai Sirkay, Hugo Uriona, Srini Seetharam, Esmaell Yousefi, David Petr, Douglas Niehaus, Victor Frost, Joseph Evans, and Gary Minden
Telecommunications & Information Sciences Laboratory
Department of Electrical Engineering & Computer Science
The University of Kansas
Lawrence KS 66045-2228


Most algorithms proposed for controlling traffic prior to entering ATM networks are based on static mechanisms. Such static control mechanisms do not account for the dynamics of the user traffic or the network state. Some dynamic control algorithms have been proposed, but most of these algorithms are extremely complex and may make it difficult to provide real time control. In this paper, we present an adaptive rate control algorithm that has been implemented in hardware. The algorithm controls the traffic submitted by a source based on the indirectly observed average rate and burst size for the source. The algorithm is highly efficient and thereby provides real time control at high speed. Our implementation, in concert with flow control in the local area network, provides the basis for ATM-based high performance distributed systems.

A Postscript Version of the full paper.

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