Walter Johnston

Walter Johnston is vice president of services development for NYNEX Science and Technology In. with responsibility for the planning and development of new services. His responsibilities encompass multimedia services, intelligent network services, operator services, and introduction of voice and speech technologies within the network. Mr. Johnston joined NYNEX in 1984, taking responsibility for future network planning. In 1986, Mr Johnston assumed the role of director, prototype services development in the newly created NYNEX Advanced Technology Development organization. In 1991, Mr. Johnston's business unit was recognized as Science and Technology Inc. As executive director, Information and Data Services, he was responsible for product development in the area of data and information services and for the development of NYNEX's program for the deployment of broadband systems in both the residence and business environment. Prior to his tenure at NYNEX, Mr. Johnston worked for both Bell Laboratories and AT&T. He holds both an M.S., C.S., and a B.S., E.E. from the Polytechnic Institute of Brooklyn.