DHARMA: Domain-specific Metaware for Hydrologic Applications

 Daniel Andresen, Mitchell Neilsen, Gurdip Singh,    Prasanta Kalita

Kansas State University - Andresen, Neilsen, Singh

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign - Kalita


 Navigational Programming

Lei Pan, Lubomir F. Bic, Michael B. Dillencourt, Ming Kin Lai

University of California, Irvine


 OGSI.net: An OGSI-Compliant Hosting Container for the .NET Framework

 Glenn Wasson, Norm Beekwilder, Marty Humphrey

 University of Virginia


GridOS: Operating System Support  for Grid Architectures

 Pradeep Padala and Joseph N. Wilson

University of Florida


The OptIPuter: System Software Issues for the Lambda-Grid

Huaxia Xia, Xinran Wu, Xin Liu, Jie Wei, Alex Olugbile, Andrew A. Chien

University of California, San Diego


"Combining Passive Application Monitoring with Active Probes in a Network Measurement Tool"

Marcia Zangrilli and Bruce B. Lowekamp

The College of William and Mary


The MicroGrid: Emulation Tools for Modeling Grid Behavior

Xin Liu, Huaxia Xia, Alex Olugbile, and Andrew A. Chien

  University of California, San Diego

 "GridLab: GAT and GridSphere, Application-oriented Tools for the Grid

Gabrielle Allen, Kelly Davis, Tom Goodale, Ian Kelley,

Jason Novotny, Michael Russell, Oliver Wehrens, Ed Seidel 

Max Planck Institute for Gravitational Physics.


The Taming of the Grid: QoS-based Application Services

Katarzyna Keahey, Khalid Motawi

Argonne National Laboratory


The DOE ACTS Collection, Advanced Computational Tools for Scientific and Engineering Applications

L. A. Drummond, O. Marques

Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory


NetLogger as a Web Services Event Transport

Dan Gunter, Brian Tierney, Martin Stoufer

Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory


Distributed Multi-Site Scheduling of Parallel Jobs

Gerald Sabin, P. Sadayappan

Ohio State University


The Australian National Grid Testbed

S. Ramachandran, D. R. Bannon

The Victorian Partnership for Advanced Computing


LeSC  Centre Overview

John Darlington, Steven Newhouse, Anthony Mayer, Nathalie Furmento, Stephen McGough, James Stanton, Yong Xie,

 William Lee, Marko Krznaric, Murtaza Gulamali, Asif Saleem, Laurie Young, Gary Kong

Imperial College London


The Grid Technology Repository

Lisa Childers, Charles Bacon

Argonne National Laboratory


Managing Virtual Data and Provenance with Chimera

Michael Wilde, Ewa Deelman, Ian Fjoster, Carl Kesselman, Gaurang Mehta, 

Michael Milligan, Karan Vahi, Jens Voeckler, Yong Zhao

University of Chicago, Argonne National Laboratory, University of Southern California Information Sciences Institute


vGrid:  An Autonomic Runtime System for Grid Applications

Salim Hariri, University of Arizona

ManishParashar, Rutgers University


Distribution Strategy for the R-GMA Registry

Steve Fisher, Rutherford Appleton Laboratory

Paul Taylor IBM Hursley Park, UK 


Open Grid Computing Environment Portal

Dennis Gannon, Marlon Pierce, Geoffrey Fox, Beth Plale

Indiana University

Mary Thomas University of Texas, Jay Alameda University of Illinois