June 25

09:15-09:30Opening (chairs: Jon Weissman, U Minnesota, Manish Parashar, Rutgers)
09:30-10:30Keynote (chair: Jon Weissman, University of Minnesota)
  Clouds and ManyCore: The Revolution
  Daniel A. Reed, Microsoft Research
11:00-12:30Fault Tolerance and Security Session (chair: Thomas Stricker, Google European Engineering Centre, Switzerland)

  • "FaTLease: Fault-Tolerant Lease Negotiation for High-Volume Distributed Computing"

    Felix Hupfeld, Bjoern Kolbeck, Jan Stender, Mikael Hoegqvist, Toni Cortes, Jonathan Marti, Jesus Malo

  • "Securing Stateful Grid Servers through Virtual Server Rotation"

    Matthew Smith, Christian Schridde, Bernd Freisleben

  • "Performability Modeling for Scheduling and Fault Tolerance Strategies for Scientific Workflows"

    Lavanya Ramakrishnan, Daniel A. Reed

02:00-04:00 Cloud panel chair: Geoffrey Fox, University of Indiana
  • Randy Bryant, CMU
  • Ian Foster, Chicago
  • Greg Pfister, Consultant
  • Dennis Quan, IBM
  • Dan Reed, Microsoft
04:30-06:00 Data Intensive Computing Session (chair: Renato Figueiredo, University of Florida)

  • "Evaluating the Usefuless of Content Addressable Storage for High-Performance Data Intensive Applications"

    Partho Nath, Bhuvan Urgaonkar, Anand Sivasubramaniam

  • "File Grouping for Scientific Data Management: Lessons from Experimenting with Real Traces"

    Shyamala Doraimani, Adriana Iamnitchi

  • "Eliminating the Middle Man: Distributing Dataflow in Scientific Workflows"

    Adam Barker , Jon B. Weissman , and Jano van Hemert

06:30-08:00Posters, Demonstrations, and Reception

June 26

09:00-10:00keynote (chair: Manish Parashar, Rutgers)
Web-scale Computing: The Power of Infrastructure as a Service
  Peter Vosshall, Amazon
10:30-12:30Reservations, Leasing, and Scheduling Session ( chair: Matei Ripeanu, University of British Columbia)

  • "Scheduling Mixed-Parallel Applications with Advance Reservations"

    Henri Casanova, Kento Aida

  • "VARQ: Virtual Advance Reservations for Queues"

    Daniel Nurmi, Rich Wolski, John Brevik

  • "Combining Batch Execution and Leasing Using Virtual Machines"

    Borja Sotomayor, Kate Keahey, Ian Foster

  • "The Performance of Bags-Of-Tasks in Large-Scale Distributed Computing Systems"

    Alexandru Iosup, Ozan Sonmez, Shanny Anoep, Dick Epema

02:00-03:30Hot topic session (chair: Doug Thain, Notre Dame)
  • Facilitating the Deployment of Ad-hoc Virtual Organizations with Integrated Social and Overlay Networks
    Renato Figueiredo, P. Oscar Boykin, Pierre St Juste, and David Wolinsky
  • Ontological Framework for a Free-Form Query Based Grid Search Engine
    Chaitali Gupta, Rajdeep Bhowmik, and Madhusudhan Govindaraju
  • An Unstructured Peer-to-Peer Approach to Aggregate Node Selection
    Imran Rao
  • Beyond Search and Navigability: Custom Metadata Can Enable Cross-Layer Optimizations in Storage Systems
    Elizeu Santos-Neto, Samer Al-Kiswany, Sathish Gopalakrishnan, and Matei Ripeanu
  • Harmony: Runtime Techniques for Dynamic Concurrency Inference,Hierarchical Scheduling, and Online Optimization in Heterogeneous Multiprocessor Systems
    Gregory F Diamos and Sudhakar Yalamanchili
04:00-06:00Virtual Machines Session (chair: Dick Epema, Delft University of Technology)

  • "XenLoop: A Transparent High Performance Inter-VM Network Loopback"

    Jian Wang, Kwame-Lante Wright, and Kartik Gopalan

  • "VPM Tokens: Virtual Machine-Aware Power Budgeting in Datacenters"

    Ripal Nathuji, Karsten Schwan

  • "Improving Peer Connectivity in Wide-area Overlays of Virtual Workstations"

    Arijit Ganguly, P. Oscar Boykin, David I. Wolinsky, Renato J. Figueiredo

  • "The Impact of Paravirtualized Memory Hierarchy on Linear Algebra Computational Kernels and Software"

    Lamia Youseff, Keith Seymour, Haihang You, Jack Dongarra, Rich Wolski


June 27

09:00-10:00keynote (chair: Mike Lewis, SUNY Binghamton)
  Why Grids Have Failed to Cross the Chasm?
  Andrew Grimshaw, University of Virginia and the Open Grid Forum
10:30-12:30Storage and I/O Session (chair: Allen Downey, Olin College)

  • "Toward Automatic Parallelization of Spatial Computation for Computing Clusters"

    Baoqiang Yan, Philip Rhodes

  • "StoreGPU: Exploiting Graphics Processing Units to Accelerate Distributed Storage Systems"

    Samer Al-Kiswany, Abdullah Gharaibeh , Elizeu Santos-Neto, George Yuan, Matei Ripeanu

  • "Semantic-Based Distributed I/O with the ParaMEDIC Framework"

    Pavan Balaji, Wu-chun Feng, Heshan Lin

  • "A Novel Approach to File Access coRrelation Mining and Evaluation Reference model for Optimizing Peta-Scale File Systems Performance"

    Peng Xia, Dan Feng, Lei Tian, Hong Jiang, Fang Wang