Conference: HPDC 2009 - 18th Intl Symposium on High Performance Distributed Computing Location: Garching, near Munich, Germany URL: Contact: Abstracts: 31 December 2008 Papers: 12 January 2009 Symposium: 11-13 June 2009 Workshops: 09-10 June 2009 ****************************************************************** * CALL FOR PAPERS * CALL FOR DEMOS/EXHIBITS * CALL FOR WORKSHOPS * ****************************************************************** The Eighteenth International Symposium on High Performance Distributed Computing (HPDC), to be held in Garching, near Munich, Germany, on June 11-13 2009, is a forum for presenting the latest research findings on the design and use of parallel and distributed systems for high end computing, collaboration, data analysis, and other innovative applications. HPDC welcomes submissions covering all aspects of high-performance distributed computing, Grids, and global computing ensembles. New academic and scholarly research emphasizing empirical and reproducible results as well as investigative expositions of successful and innovative application and deployment efforts are particularly encouraged. TOPICS Topics of interest for HPDC 2009 include (but are not limited to): - HPDC architectures: HPC systems, Grids, Computing Clouds, SOA for HPDC - High end communications: Software/hardware/architecture and networking (incl. Terabit networks systems and services) - Data management and transport (incl. High performance I/O and file systems) - Operating system technologies for high performance distributed computing (incl. Virtualization for HPDC systems) - Software environments: - Programming frameworks - Language/compiler support - Performance analysis, modeling, simulation and prediction - Grid middleware - Security, configuration, policy, and management issues - Workflow management - Resource management, scheduling and load-balancing - Applications and algorithms - Parallel and distributed algorithms - Multicore algorithms and software implementations - Multimedia, tele-immersive, and collaborative applications - Fault tolerance, reliability and availability for HPDC applications CALL FOR TECHNICAL PAPERS All papers will be rigorously reviewed by a distinguished international program committee, with a strong focus on the combination of rigorous scientific results and practical impact. In particular, research papers must clearly demonstrate research contribution and novelty; experience/applications/systems papers must clearly demonstrate impact and/or lessons learned and/or design choices. Paper Submissions: Authors are invited to submit an abstract describing the contents of the paper including highlights and key characteristics before December 31, 2008. The abstracts are used to assign appropriate reviewers for the technical papers, which must be submitted until January 12, 2009. Details for formatting will be provided on the HPDC 2009 webpage. Such technical papers must be at most 10 pages, INCLUDING figures and references. Papers that exceed this length will be rejected outright. These papers should be written to be self-contained and to provide the technical substance required for the program committee to evaluate the paper's contribution. All manuscripts will be reviewed and judged on correctness, originality, technical strength, significance, quality of presentation, and interest and relevance to the conference. Submitted papers must not have appeared in or be under consideration for another conference or a journal, nor may they be under review or submitted to another forum during the HPDC 2009 review process. Papers should be submitted electronically (PDF or postscript) via the HPDC 2009 conference web site at Please note that, as with previous HPDC conferences, there will be NO EXTENSIONS on the paper submission deadlines. Paper abstract submission deadline: December 31, 2008 Paper submission deadline: January 12, 2009 Publication: The HPDC proceedings are expected to be published by ACM, and the plan is to distribute them at the conference. ************************************************************************* CALL FOR POSTERS In addition to full papers, HPDC 2009 also allows the submission of posters. The conference especially encourages such submission from Ph.D. students so that they can present their early ideas to a larger audience. For posters, authors are invited to submit a 2 page short description including title, authors, and affiliations until December 31, 2008. Revisions of the poster descriptions will be possible until January 12, 2009. The formatting for the posters is identical to the full papers, but with the 2 page limitation. The plan is to publish posters also in the proceedings. Upon acceptance of the poster, authors must commit to attend the conference and to present their poster. Posters will be displayed on boards which are expected to be in the size of 841mm x 1189mm (DIN A0). Posters will be presented during the conference in the coffee break area and authors are expected to be available for discussions and questions during the welcome reception on June 11, 2009. ************************************************************************* CALL FOR DEMOS AND EXHIBITS The Eighteenth International Symposium on High-Performance Distributed Computing (HPDC) will be a forum for presenting the latest research findings on the design and use of parallel and distributed systems for high end computing, collaboration, data analysis, and other innovative applications. HPDC 2009 will feature a demo and exhibit session consisting of prototypes and technology artifacts demonstrating HPDC concepts, mechanisms and applications. Submissions to the demonstration and exhibit session are welcome, both from industry and academia, demonstrating state-of-the-art applications of high-performance distributed computing, grids, and global computing ensembles. Demos of new scholarly research emphasizing empirical and reproducible results as well as exhibitions of investigative expositions of successful application and deployment efforts are particularly encouraged. Demos and Exhibit Submissions: Please send an email to the Demo/Exhibit Co-Chairs (Erwin Laure) at containing: - Title - Short description (5-10 lines) - Contact information (Name/Address/Email) - URL to a Web site describing the demo (optional) - Resource requirements (optional; please note that we may not be able to accommodate you with all your needs; we will let you know ahead of time on what we cannot provide for you.) Entries will be judged by a separate subcommittee led by the demo/exhibit chairman. Demo/Exhibit Request Deadline: April 15, 2009 Demo/Exhibit Notification: May 1, 2009 Demo/Exhibit Logistics: Demos will be held along with the reception on Thursday evening of the conference, June 11, 2009. The demos will be advertised both on the conference web site and in a leaflet within the participants' package with a list of demonstrations (title, abstract, people/organization). In addition, there will be a short introductory session at the beginning of the reception to introduce the demo groups and to announce their demos. The demo groups are encouraged to provide the demo session chair with a short write-up (two paragraphs no longer than 300 words) that briefly introduces their group and their demos. After the announcements, each demo group will give one-on-one demos to the HPDC attendees during the reception. There will be food and drinks in the room to ensure a good flow. Each demo group will be provided with a table, a couple of chairs, a power outlet, an extension cord, poster boards, and access to the conference wireless network connection, which should remain set up for the entire conference (as an exhibit) if you would like to show your work one-on-one or during breaks. We will provide you with a detailed description of the standard demo stand layout ahead of time. The demo room will be available (with working network connections and the basic setup) to demo groups before the demo session for groups to set up their demos. If you need an extensive amount of time to setup your demo, you would need to coordinate with the Demo/Exhibit Co-Chair ahead of time. Demo/Exhibit Registration Fees: There will be two flavors of demos. Research (academic) demos will only require registration to the conference. The industry demos (i.e. demos of a commerical product) will be charged EUR 5000. ************************************************************************* CALL FOR WORKSHOPS The HPDC 2009 Organizing Committee invites proposals for workshops to be held with the Eighteens International Conference on High Performance Distributed Computing, which will be held in Garching near Munich on June 11-13, 2009. The dates for the workshops are June 09-10, 2009. HPDC Workshops provide a forum for discussion among researchers and practitioners of areas of special interest within HPDC. Within this scope, several types of workshop organizations are encouraged. Workshops may be organized by invitation or via an open call for participation. Organizers may ask participants to give talks, submit short position papers, or full papers with a peer-review process. Workshop organizers are expected to be active in the field where they propose a workshop. To foster interaction, the workshops are full-day events limited to 30-50 participants. As a reference, Web pages of previous HPDC conference sites (and links to various workshop sites) are accessible from Workshop Submissions: Please contact the HPDC 2009 General Chair Dieter Kranzlmueller to propose a workshop or to discuss ideas by email: A formal workshop proposal should be at most two pages and include the following information: - Name of the workshop - Theme of the workshop and topics of interest, and how these relate to the overall conference - Information about previous offering(s) of the workshop, if applicable: attendance, number of papers submitted, number of papers accepted - Names, affiliations, and research interest of the workshop organizers - What is the expected attendance of the workshop? - How do you plan to attract submissions and/or participants? - How do you plan to organize the workshop? Provide an estimate time line for the major milestones (such as selection of a program committee; call for papers (online and mailing lists); paper submission deadline; paper notification deadline; call for participation). Workshop Proposals Deadline: October 31, 2008 Notification: November 14, 2008 Workshop Calls Online (by organizers): November 28, 2008 Final Manuscripts due (For HPDC proceedings): Around April 2009 Workshops: June 09-11, 2009 ****************************************************************** * CALL FOR PAPERS * CALL FOR DEMOS/EXHIBITS * CALL FOR WORKSHOPS * ******************************************************************