The 28th International Symposium on High-Performance Parallel and Distributed Computing

Phoenix, Arizona, USA - June 24-28, 2019

Conference Program

Wednesday, June 26, 2019
8:159:00Continental Breakfast (FCRC)-
8:459:00Opening Remarks by the Technical Program Chairs-
9:0011:00Session 1: High Performance Distributed Systems (Best Paper Nominees)
Chairs: Evgenia Smirni, College of William and Mary and Ali R. Butt, Virginia Tech.
SpotWeb: Running Latency-sensitive Distributed Web Services on Transient Cloud Servers,
Ahmed Ali-Eldin, Jonathan Westin, Bin Wang, UMass, Amherst; Prateek Sharma, Indiana University; Prashant Shenoy, UMass, Amherst.
LABIOS: A Distributed Label-Based I/O System,
Anthony Kougkas, Hariharan Devarajan, Illinois Institute of Technology; Jay Lofstead, Sandia National Laboratories; Xian-He Sun, Illinois Institute of Technology.
Parsl: Pervasive Parallel Programming in Python.
Yadu Babuji, Anna Woodard, Ben Clifford, Zhuozhao Li, University of Chicago; Ryan Chard, Argonne National Laboratory; Rohan Kumar, Lukasz Lacinski, University of Chicago ; Justin Wozniak, Argonne National Laboratory; Ian Foster, University of Chicago; Mike Wilde, ParallelWorks; Daniel S. Katz, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign ; Kyle Chard, University of Chicago.
Kleio: a Hybrid Memory Page Scheduler with Machine Intelligence,
Thaleia Dimitra Doudali, Georgia Institute of Technology; Sergey Blagodurov, Abhinav Vishnu, Sudhanva Gurumurthi, Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.; Ada Gavrilovska, Georgia Institute of Technology.
11:0011:20Coffee Break (FCRC)-
11:2012:30Common FCRC Keynote Session: Shriram Krishnamurthi-
12:302:00Lunch (FCRC)-
2:003:30Session 2: Reliability and Variability
Chair: Michela Taufer, University of Tennessee.
MANA for MPI: MPI-Agnostic Network-Agnostic Transparent Checkpointing
Rohan Garg, Gregory Price, Gene Cooperman, Northeastern University.
Multi-level Analysis of Compiler-Induced Variability and Performance Tradeoffs
Michael Bentley, Ian Briggs, Ganesh Gopalakrishnan, University of Utah; Dong H. Ahn, Ignacio Laguna, Gregory L. Lee, Holger E. Jones, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory.
Making Root Cause Analysis Feasible for Large Code Bases: A Solution Approach for A Climate Model
Daniel J. Milroy, University of Colorado Boulder; Allison H. Baker, Dorit M. Hammerling, Youngsung Kim, National Center for Atmospheric Research; Elizabeth R. Jessup, Thomas Hauser, University of Colorado Boulder.
3:304:00Afternoon Break (FCRC)-
4:005:30Session 3: Hybrid Systems
Chair: Andrew Chien, University of Chicago
HEXO: Offloading HPC Compute-Intensive Workloads on Low-Cost, Low-Power Embedded Systems
Pierre Olivier, A K M Fazla Mehrab, Virginia Tech; Stefan Lankes, RWTH Aachen University; Mohamed Lamine Karaoui, Robert Lyerly, Binoy Ravindran, Virginia Tech.
Scheduling Beyond CPUs for HPC
Yuping Fan, Zhiling Lan, Illinois Institute of Technology; Paul M. Rich, William E. Allcock, Michael E. Papka, Argonne National Laboratory, Brian Austin, David Paul, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory.
Breaking Down Barriers: Paths to Fast Thread Synchronization on the Node
Conor Hetland, Georgios Tziantzioulis, Brian Suchy, Michael Leonard, Jin Han, John Albers, Nikos Hardavellas, Peter Dinda, Northwestern University.
6:309:00Poster Reception301A
Thursday, June 27, 2019
8:159:00Continental Breakfast (FCRC)-
9:0010:00Session 4: Scalable Graph Processing
Chair: Hang Liu, University of Massachusetts Lowell
XBFS: eXploring Runtime Optimizations for Breadth-First Search on GPUs
Anil Gaihre, Zhenlin Wu, University of Massachusetts Lowell; Fan Yao, UCF Hang Liu, University of Massachusetts Lowell.
Combining Data Duplication and Graph Reordering to Accelerate Parallel Graph Processing
Vignesh Balaji, Brandon Lucia, Carnegie Mellon University.
10:0011:00HPDC Achievement Award Talk: Geoffey Fox, Indiana University, "Perspectives on High-Performance Computing in a Big Data World"
11:0011:20Coffee Break (FCRC)-
11:2012:30Common FCRC Keynote Session: Jeannette Wing-
12:302:00Lunch (FCRC)-
2:003:30Session 5: Fairness and Performance
Chair: Ji Xue, Google Inc.
Preemptive Multi-Queue Fair Queuing
Yong Zhao, Kun Suo, Xiaofeng Wu, Jia Rao, The University of Texas at Arlington; Song Wu, Hai Jin, Huazhong University of Science and Technology.
DeepSZ: A Novel Framework to Compress Deep Neural Networks by Using Error-Bounded Lossy Compression
Sian Jin, The University of Alabama; Sheng Di, Argonne National Laboratory; Xin Liang, University of California, Riverside; Jiannan Tian, Dingwen Tao, The University of Alabama; Franck Cappello, Argonne National Laboratory.
PERQ: Fair and Efficient Power Management of Power-Constrained Large-Scale Computing Systems
Tirthak Patel, Devesh Tiwari, Northeastern University.
3:304:00Afternoon Break (FCRC)-
4:005:30Session 6: GPU Applications
Chair: Barney Maccabe, Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Suffix Array Construction on Multi-GPU Systems
Florian Büren, Daniel Jünger, Robin Kobus, Christian Hundt, Bertil Schmidt, JGU Mainz.
CuLDA_CGS: Solving Large-scale LDA Problems on GPUs
Xiaolong Xie, Alibaba Group; Yun Liang, Xiuhong Li, Peking University; Wei Tan, Citadel LLC.
Better Late Than Never: An n-Variant Framework of Verification for Java Source Code on CPU and GPU Hybrid Platform
Jun Duan, Kevin W. Hamlen, Benjamin Ferrell, University of Texas at Dallas.
Friday, June 28, 2019
8:159:00Continental Breakfast (FCRC)-
9:0011:00Session 7: Cloud Systems
Chair: Jay Lofstead, Sandia National Laboratories
UMR-EC: A Unified and Multi-Rail Erasure Coding Library for High-Performance Distributed Storage Systems
Haiyang Shi, Xiaoyi Lu, Dipti Shankar, Dhabaleswar K. (DK) Panda, The Ohio State University.
GAugur: Quantifying Performance Interference of Colocated Games for Improving Resource Utilization in Cloud Gaming
Yusen Li, Chuxu Shan, Ruobing Chen, Nankai University, China; Xueyan Tang, Wentong Cai, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore; Shanjiang Tang, Tianjin University, China; Gang Wang, Xiaoguang Liu, Xiaoli Gong, Ying Zhang, Nankai University, China.
Adaptive Resource Views for Containers
Hang Huang, HUST; Jia Rao, UTA; Song Wu, Hai Jin, HUST; Kun Suo, Xiaofeng Wu, UTA.
Semantic-aware Workflow Construction and Analysis for Distributed Data Analytics Systems
Aidi Pi, Wei Chen, Shaoqi Wang, Xiaobo Zhou, Colorado, Colorado Springs.
11:0011:15Closing Remarks
11:0011:20Coffee Break (FCRC)-
11:2012:30Common FCRC Keynote Session: Erik Lindahl-
12:302:00Lunch (FCRC)-