The 31st International Symposium on High-Performance Parallel and Distributed Computing

Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States, June 27 - July 1, 2022

Accepted Papers/Posters

The 31st International ACM Symposium on
High-Performance Parallel and Distributed Computing

Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States, June 27 - July 1, 2022

Accepted Papers
Paper No. Title Authors
(1) hpdc22-p25 Machine Learning Assisted HPC Workload Trace Generation for Leadership Scale Storage Systems Arnab K. Paul, BITS-Pilani, Goa ; Jong Youl Choi, Ahmad Maroof Karimi, Feiyi Wang, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, USA
(2) hpdc22-p27 TAC: Optimizing Error-Bounded Lossy Compression for Three-Dimensional Adaptive Mesh Refinement Simulations Daoce Wang, Washington State University ;Jesus Pulido, Pascal Grosset, Los Alamos National Laboratory ; Sian Jin, Jiannan Tian, Washington State University ; James Ahrens, Los Alamos National Laboratory ; Dingwen Tao, Washington State University
(3) hpdc22-p36 Locality-aware Load-Balancing For Serverless Clusters Alexander Fuerst, Prateek Sharma, Indiana University
(4) hpdc22-p66 Practical Efficient Microservice Autoscaling with QoS Assurance Md Rajib Hossen, Mohammad A Islam, UT Arlington ; Kishwar Ahmed, U of South Carolina Beaufort
(5) hpdc22-p93 Access Patterns and Performance Behaviors of Multi-layer Supercomputer I/O Subsystems under Production Load Jean Luca Bez, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory ; Ahmad Maroof Karimi, Oak Ridge National Laboratory ; Arnab K. Paul, Birla Institute of Technology and Science ; Bing Xie, Oak Ridge National Laboratory ; Suren Byna, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory ; Philip Carns, Argonne National Laboratory ; Sarp Oral, Oak Ridge National Lab, National Center for Computational Sciences ; Feiyi Wang, Jesse Hanley, Oak Ridge National Laboratory
(6) hpdc22-p94 Hare: Exploiting Inter-job and Intra-job Parallelism of Distributed Machine Learning on Heterogeneous GPUs Fahao Chen, Peng Li, The University of Aizu ; Celimuge Wu, University of Electro-Communications ; Song Guo, Hong Kong Polytechnic University
(7) hpdc22-p102 Efficient Design Space Exploration for Sparse Mixed Precision Neural Architectures Krishna Teja Chitty Venkata, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Iowa State University ; Murali Emani, Venkatram Vishwanath, Argonne Leadership Computing Facility, Argonne National Laboratory ; Arun K Somani, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Iowa State University
(8) hpdc22-p106 Holmes: SMT Interference Diagnosis and CPU Scheduling for Job Co-location Aidi Pi, Xiaobo Zhou, University of Colorado, Colorado Springs ; ChengZhong Xu, University of Macau
(9) hpdc22-p107 Understanding Memory Failures on a Petascale Arm System Kurt Ferreira, Scott Levy, Joshua Hemmert, Kevin Pedretti, Sandia National Laboratories
(10) hpdc22-p122 DAOS: Data Access-aware Operating System SeongJae Park, Amazon ; Madhuparna Bhowmik, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign ; Alexandru Uta, Amazon
(11) hpdc22-p127 TLPGNN: A Lightweight Two-Level Parallelism Paradigm for Graph Neural Network Computation on GPU Qiang Fu, George Washington University ; Yuede Ji, University of North Texas ; H. Howie Huang, The George Washington University
(12) hpdc22-p136 Optimizing the Bruck Algorithm for Non-uniform All-to-all Communication Ke Fan, Thomas Gilray, University of Alabama at Birmingham ; Valerio Pascucci, Xuan Huang, University of Utah ; Kristopher Micinski, Syracuse University ; Sidharth Kumar, University of Alabama at Birmingham
(13) hpdc22-p154 FPVM: Towards a Floating Point Virtual Machine Peter Dinda, Nick Wanninger, Jiacheng Ma, Alex Bernat, Charles Bernat, Souradip Ghosh, Christopher Kraemer, Yehya Elmasry, Northwestern University
(14) hpdc22-p160 SchedInspector: A Batch Job Scheduling Inspector Using Reinforcement Learning Di Zhang, Dong Dai, University of North Carolina at Charlotte ; Bing Xie, Oak Ridge National Laboratory
(15) hpdc22-p166 Lifting and Dropping VMs to Dynamically Transition Between Time- and Space-sharing for Large-Scale HPC Systems Nicholas Gordon, University of Pittsburgh ; Jack Lange, Oak Ridge National Lab/University of Pittsburgh
(16) hpdc22-p170 Communication-aware Sparse Patterns for the Factorized Approximate Inverse Preconditioner Sergi Laut, Marc Casas, Ricard Borrell, Barcelona Supercomputing Center
(17) hpdc22-p207 Ultra-fast Error-bounded Lossy Compression for Scientific Dataset Xiaodong Yu, Sheng Di, Argonne National Laboratory ; Kai Zhao, UC, Riverside ; Jiannan Tian, Dingwen Tao, Washington State University ; Xin Liang, Missouri University of Science and Technology ; Franck Cappello, Argonne National Laboratory
(18) hpdc22-p278 Capri: Compiler and Architecture Support for Whole-System Persistence Jungi Jeong, Jianping Zeng, Changhee Jung, Purdue University
(19) hpdc22-p280 SciStream: Architecture and Toolkit for Data Streaming between Federated Science Instruments Joaquin Chung, Argonne National Laboratory ; Wojciech Zacherek, Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology ; AJ Wisniewski, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign ; Zhengchun Liu, Tekin Bicer, Raj Kettimuthu, Ian Foster, Argonne National Laboratory
(20) hpdc22-p296 NVMe-oAF: Towards Adaptive NVMe-oF for IO-Intensive Workloads on HPC Cloud Arjun Kashyap, Xiaoyi Lu, University of California, Merced
(21) hpdc22-p305 PROV-IO: An I/O-Centric Provenance Framework for Scientific Data on HPC Systems Runzhou Han, Iowa State University ; Suren Byna, Houjun Tang, Bin Dong Computational Research Division, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory ; Mai Zheng, Iowa State University


Accepted Posters
Poster No. Title Authors
(1) hpdc22-po3 NSDF-FUSE: A Testbed for Studying Object Storage via FUSE File Systems Paula Olaya, Jakob Luettgau, Naweiluo Zhou, Giorgio Scorzelli, Jay Lofstead, Valerio Pascucci , Michela Taufer
(2) hpdc22-po25 NSDF-Cloud: Enabling Ad-Hoc Compute Clusters Across Academic and Commercial Clouds Jakob Luettgau, Paula Olaya, Naweiluo Zhou, Giorgio Scorzelli, Valerio Pascucci, Michela Taufer
(3) hpdc22-po58 Decentralization of Two Phase Locking based Protocols Tatsuhiro Nakamori, Jun Nemoto, Takashi Hoshino, Hideyuki Kawashima
(4) hpdc22-po93 Composing Pipeline Parallelism using Control Taskflow Graph Cheng-Hsiang Chiu, Tsung-Wei Huang
(5) hpdc22-po98 Auctioning Cluster Resources Lee-or Alon, Orna Agmon Ben-Yehuda, Sigal Oren


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