Conference Program

Wednesday, June 28, 2017
9:1510:15Keynote: Julia Lane, New York University
Building secure platofrims for research on human subjects: The importance of computer scientists
10:4511:10Daily Pitch: 2-min talks
Session 1: Scheduling
11:1011:35Enabling Workflow Aware Scheduling on HPC systems
Rodrigo, Alvarez, Elmroth, Ostber, Ramakrishnan
11:3512:00Parallel Stream Processing Against Workload Skewness and VarianceFang, Zhang, Fu, Zhang, Zhou, Zhu
14:0014:25HPDC Achievement Award Talk: David Abramson, The University of Queensland
Caches all the way down: Infrastructure for Data Intensive Science
Session 2: Data Management
15:2015:45NICE: Network-Integrated Cluster Efficient Storage
Al-Kiswany, Samer, Yang, Suli, Arpaci-Dusseau, Andrea C., Arpaci-Dusseau, Remzi H.
14:5016:10MaDaTS: Managing Data on Tiered Storage for Scientific Workflows
Ghoshal, Ramakrishnan
15:2016:35ArrayUDF: User-Defined Scientific Data Analysis on Arrays
Dong, Wu, Byna, Liu, Zhao, Rusu
17:0019:00Posters & Demos / Welcome Reception
Thursday, June 29, 2017
9:009:15Daily Pitch: 2-min talks
9:1510:15Keynote: Rick Stevens, University of Chicago and Argonne National Lab
A vision for Exascale computing that integrates simulation, big data and machine learning
Session 3: Parallel Methods and Algorithms
10:4511:10knor: A NUMA-optimized In-memory, Distributed and Semi-external-memory k-means Library
Mhembere, Zheng, Priebe, Vogelstein, Burns
11:1011:35CuMF_SGD: Parallelized Stochastic Gradient Descent for Matrix Factorization on GPUs
Xie, Tan, Fong, Liang
11:3512:00To Push or To Pull: On Reducing Communication and Synchronization in Graph Computations
Besta, Podstawski, Solomonik, Groner, Hoefler
Session 4: Fault Tolerance
15:2015:45Better Safe than Sorry: Grappling with Failures of In-Memory Data Analytics Frameworks
Ghit, Epema
14:5016:10LetGo: A Lightweight Continuous Framework for HPC Applications Under Failures
Fang, Guan, Debardeleben, Pattabiraman, Ripeanu
15:2016:35Towards a More Complete Understanding of SDC Propagation
Calhoun, Snir, Olson, Gropp
Session 5: Performance Modeling and Analysis
17:2017:25Diagnosing Machine Learning Pipelines with Fine-grained Lineage
Zhang, Sparks, Franklin
17:2517:50COS: A Parallel Performance Model for Dynamic Variations in Processor Speed, Memory Speed, and Thread Concurrency
Li, Leon, Cameron
17:5018:15Explaining Wide Area Data Transfer Performance
Liu, Balaprakash, Kettimuthu, Foster
19:00Awards: Best Paper, Best Reviewer
Banquet / Dinner
Friday, June 30, 2017
9:009:15Daily Pitch: 2-min talks
9:1510:15Keynote: Janice Coen, National Center for Atmospheric Research
Wildland Fire Monitoring and Prediction
Session 6: Performance and Concurrency
10:4511:10Predicting Output Performance on Petascale File Systems
Xie, Huang, Chase, Choi, Lofstead, Oral, Klasky
11:1011:35TCP Throughput Profiles Using Measurements Over Dedicated Connections
Rao, Liu, Sen, Towsley, Vardoyan, Kettimuthu, Foster
11:3512:00AllConcur: Leaderless Concurrent Atomic Broadcast
Poke, Hoefler, Glass
Session 7: Data Partitioning
14:0014:25IOGP: An Incremental Online Graph Partitioning Algorithm for Distributed Graph Databases
Dai, Zhang, Chen
14:2514:50Machine and Application Aware Partitioning for Adaptive Mesh Refinement Applications
Fernando, Sundar, Duplyakin
14:5015:20Closing HPDC'17 and Announcing HPDC'18